We may be best known for precision fabrication, but at Principal Manufacturing Corporation, our capabilities stretch far beyond just that. Our facility is designed to provide solutions for a wide scope of customer requirements, including high capacity jobs that many shops cannot accommodate. For example, we recently assisted a company in the automotive industry with a particularly large production order. They had already contracted us for fineblanks for their part, but needed additional assistance in completing the manufacturing process. With our extensive history of working with large production runs, we were readily able to assist this customer.

The part in question was a self-cinching automotive trunk latch. Our customer had reached their full capacity at their plastic injection molding facility in Wisconsin, and was looking at shipping all of their parts to Tennessee to finish the job. We were able to offer a better solution; with our deep level of experience in fineblanking and molding, we used our equipment and facilities to take over the entire job. All of the work was shipped to us, and we were able to complete the job, including final revisions, in a single Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Our expert staff provided complete manufacturing, which includes molding a magnet into the latch.

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