Headrest Support Piece

Our expertise in precision manufacturing extends back generations at Principal Manufacturing Corporation. Over the years, we have satisfied a broad range of the most demanding customers, including working with many challenging applications for the automotive industry. In the project illustrated here, an automotive customer required highly accurate headrest support. With our deep level of knowledge, experience, and expertise, we were perfectly suited for this project.

We manufactured this head rest support with high strength steel. Working closely with our customer to perfect the part, we overmolded the headrest support using a glass-filled nylon. This process allowed us to hold the tight tapered diameter tolerance required by our customer’s specifications.

The close tolerances we were able to achieve on the overmolded part is just one example of the high-precision, custom manufacturing we perform every day. To learn more about this project or to find out how we can put our work to use for your project, please contact us directly.

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