Variable CAM Timing Disc
At Principal Manufacturing Corporation, we are not just well-known for precision manufacturing, prototyping, and product development. We also regularly assist customers whose current fabrication providers are not meeting their expectations. In the project illustrated here, a client in the automotive industry was having difficulty with a supplier of stamped parts. The stamping process they were using during the construction of the disc was creating inconsistent torque readings during end of line testing. With our deep background in engineering and precision fabrication, we gladly accepted the contract to find a solution for this quality issue.

After investigation and analysis, our team found an alternative to the stamping process. We proposed fineblanking and in-house value-added operations to complete this critical component. Our long history of expertise with this process came into play, allowing us to fineblank countersinks that allowed for a far more robust timing disc, and eliminate previous quality inconsistencies.

Our client was very pleased with the solution we provided and the exceptional quality of their finished variable CAM timing disc. To find out more about this project, contact us directly.

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