Processed Metal Part

As your full service solutions partner, Principal Manufacturing Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of secondary services. Along with our vast amount of production resources, we have an agile and motivated workforce to take charge of all aspects of manufacturing and assembly, from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished goods. By choosing us as your manufacturing partner, you are rewarded with the convenience, economic, and scheduling benefits of using a single source of supply.

For projects that require sub-micron accuracy, our double disc grinding process allows us to uphold tolerances less than .010mm (10 microns) flatness and parallelism while achieving surface finishes as fine as 5 RMS. In addition to reducing part handling, our ability to achieve tight tolerances can eliminate the need for lapping or polishing.

With our custom assembly solutions, you can free up valuable internal resources while we meet the immediate and future needs of your product flow. Our engineered processes consistently uphold strict quality standards while creating synergies for our customers. From automated and semi-automated assembly cells to press-fit operations, hardware insertion, leak testing, and more, we develop cost-effective programs to meet your individualized needs.

Offering both speed and versatility, we use semi-automatic and automatic arc welding processes to create multiple welds simultaneously. All of our welding processes, including robotic, spot, and frame welding, are capable of making complex, defect-free welds in a variety of materials. Test methods, including destructive testing, torque testing, push out testing, and penetration testing are used to validate joint quality and integrity.

In some situations, producing basic features by stamping or fineblanking and then incorporating more critical features by CNC machining can be more practical or cost beneficial. As a value added service, we have a fully automated, robot-fed, multi-machine milling cell capable of numerous secondary machining processes to create these tight tolerance features.

If your fine blanked or stamped metal part is part of an assembly that includes plastic features, explore the options available through our plastic injection insert molding capabilities. We can overmold features that promote positional accuracy for automated assembly, add components to promote sound dampening or serve as guides or attachments, as well as create visual colors and textures.

We have established these services as part of our ongoing commitment to serve the needs of our customers in a supportive and productive manner. If you are interested in learning more about how broad range of capabilities can improve your operations, contact us today.

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