Metal Stamping Table and Components

With our strong history in the metal stamping industry that dates back to 1939, Principal Manufacturing Corporation is a respected provider of premium quality, precision stamped products. We are results-oriented and quality-driven – in addition to ensuring that your metal stamped components are 100% defect-free, we make a firm commitment to on-time delivery and offer very competitive pricing.

Our large manufacturing facility houses numerous stamping presses in the 45 to 400 ton range with bed sizes up to 10′ in length. Along with progressive die stamping capabilities that allow us to form multiple features in a single sequence of operations; we are also capable of compound die, continuous strip, coining, and other high speed forming methods. With integrated sensing devices that ensure accurate die positioning and monitor material feed, we keep our presses running at optimal speeds to achieve very high production rates.

We have a great deal of experience with most metals, from standard grades to high-nickel alloys as well as precious metals and exotics. From initial design to construction and maintenance, we manage all aspects of your tooling program in-house. We strongly advocate taking advantage of our engineering support early on in the product development process to make the design more user-friendly and cost effective to manufacture. Our toolmakers use pioneering concepts in tool design in order to create geometrically intricate forms, and incorporate tooling features such as shave and re-strike stations to ensure close tolerance precision.

Examples of our products can be found in a diversity of applications across many industries, from vehicle driveline, transmission, and safety components to locking hardware and more. For a more detailed description of our metal stamping capabilities, refer to the table below. Contact us at any time for a quote.


General Capabilities
Contract Manufacturing
Precision Stamping
In House Tooling
Production Method Compound and Progressive Tools
High Speed
In-tool Assembly
Press Rating45 to 400 Tons
Maximum Press Bed Length Max - 108"
Maximum Press Bed Width Max - 55"
Beryllium Copper
Carbon Steel
Exotic Metal Alloy
Manganese Steel
Nickel Alloy
Nickel Steel
Precious Metals
Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel
Tempered Steel

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