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At Principal Manufacturing Corporation, we are a leading provider of fine blanking services to automotive, industrial, and OEM companies worldwide. We are committed to manufacturing products that exhibit an outstanding level of quality and proving a service level commitment that surpasses your expectations. With systems in place to ensure both industry compliance and continuous improvement, we have the resources to become the most robust and responsive link in your supply chain.

Ranging in force from 100 to 630 tons, our fine blanking presses feature three high-pressure pads that hold the metal flat during the cutting process to keep it from deforming during punch entry. An impingement ring in one of the pressure pads prevents the metal from moving outward as the punch contacts the metal, which results in a fully sheared and exceptionally straight edge. Because of the near-zero clearance requirements for fine blanking dies, we can produce parts within very narrow tolerances, avoiding the need for many secondary processes.

Using the fine blanking process, we achieve excellent dimensional control with consistent repeatability. We produce precisely finished components with exceptional flatness and inner and outer forms that are cleanly sheared over the total material thickness. In addition to holding uniformity of position from feature to feature, we can pierce very small holes relative to the material thickness as well as holes in close proximity to the edge of the part.

We have the production capacity to create parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including high-performance alloys and exotics. Fine blanking dies require an elevated level of precision, and with some of the most talented toolmakers in the industry on staff, we can manage all aspects of die design, construction, and maintenance in-house. Equipped with the latest software and precision metal cutting technologies, including wire and sinker EDM machines, lathes, CNC, grinders, and mills, our full service tool room allows us to keep tight control over quality, time, and expense.

TS 16949:2009 certified, our quality management program applies to every aspect of our production activities. Our proactive approach was designed to uphold the highest standard of excellence and eliminate the risk of defects and non-conforming product. By providing competitive value, we strive to build strong partnerships and become an active participant in the success of your business.

For more information about our fine blanking capabilities, refer to the table below. Contact us at any time for more information or a quote.


General Capabilities
Fine Blanking
Contract Manufacturing
In House Tooling
Fine Blank Features
  • Excellent dimensional control, accuracy, and repeatability through a production run
  • Exceptional part flatness is retained
  • Straight, superior finished edges to other metal stamping processes
  • Uniformity of position from feature to feature
  • Holes smaller than material thickness, close to the edge of the part

Press Rating 100 to 630 Tons
Beryllium Copper
Carbon Steel
Exotic Metal Alloy
Manganese Steel
Nickel Alloy
Nickel Steel
Precious Metals
Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel
Tempered Steel

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